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Digital printing machines in Italy

Message from CEO

Christoph Gamper,
Executive Vice President

"Durst is the industrial inkjet specialist. We have played a pivotal role in the adaptation of digital printing technologies in different sectors of business and industry. After our decision, to invest in a digital textile division in 2010, it took us only one year to develop the Kappa 180 and we set the benchmark in case of production speed, printing quality and reliability at the ITMA 2011 in Barcelona. We are proud to say that we already installed the Kappa 180 in Italy, Germany, UK, Turkey and Brazil.

Our customer benefits from our inkjet competence, as we are not only offering the best technology and inks for the fabrics, but also service and education support to make digital textile printing a competitive advantage for them. This is genuine value added and investment security that textile finisher is looking for".
About Durst Phototechnik AG

Durst is regarded as a pioneer in the field of photographic technology and has launched a host of innovations on the market in the course of its 80 year history. In 1994 the company developed the Durst Lambda, the world's first laser-based output device for the high-resolution digital printing of images on photosensitive roll materials. More than 1000 Lambda units have already been installed and are used for image reproduction in connection with large-format advertisements, surveying, satellite data collection and medical engineering. Since 2001, Durst has been developing large-format inkjet based printers and has a reputation as being second to none in terms of printing quality and performance.

In 2005 Durst adapted inkjet technology to suit industrial applications in the fields of ceramics, glass, laminates and floor slabs, with the result that now even rigid materials can be printed digitally with an unlimited range of colors and with high resolution. In 2010 Durst built up its own textile division and presented at the ITMA 2011 in Barcelona the new generation of high-performance digital printers for the textile industry: the Durst Kappa 180.

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Great info on digital printing

by greatart

I'll note these guidelines, thanks a lot senior anonymous. Information like this is when this forum is actually useful.
It is expensive to use a digital printer, although I purchased my 7600 used (from an ad on CL!) at a great price of only $1100. Now that the 7800s are out one should see 7600s available for not too much money.
I know a group of artists who have purchased these machines which are only $3K new, but the cost of maintenance and media is substantial. 200ml ink cartidges are about $85 each (and there are 7 of them in the 7600). A roll of Epson canvas (24" x 40') is $145

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