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Digital fabric printing machines UK

We print digitally onto selected and tested textiles and fabrics, including printing onto silk, cotton, viscose and wool.
The Silk Bureau is the UK’s leading digital fabric printing company for individual designers, textile design studios and international retailers. Our luxurious digitally printed silks parade catwalks, while the home-interiors market boasts The Silk Bureau’s finest quality fabrics.
We use the latest, state of the art machinery to complete the whole printing process in-house, from fabric preparation to post print washing and textile setting. Our highly experienced team is accustomed to working with individual fashion, drapery and furniture designers and providing for particular requirements and concerns, including tight deadlines, unusual environments and the best materials for different uses.
Digital fabric printing offers designers the opportunity to trial new designs, using as little as a metre of printed fabric, at a fraction of the price achievable through traditional methods.
Our minimum printed length is 1 metre. There are no maximums. The width of our fabrics varies from 132cm to 140cm, though most are 136cm. All fabrics will be subject to some shrinkage.
Submission of Artwork
Artwork is usually submitted as a TIFF image. Full guidelines can be emailed by request.
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Plastic fillers is a whole branch of material

by masterasslash

Science in and of it's self.
It seems like these printing machines would be a game changer in that area too. Fibers like glass, cotton or fabric were going to give amazing results. I don't know if that ever happened but I do know you can get an automatic cut out machine at the hobby shop.
We live in some interesting times!

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