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TAS International design and manufacture quality automatic, multi-colour screen printing machinery; along with a range of ancillary equipment including textile drying systems, compressors and infrared /quartz Flash Cure Units.

From our headquarters in Victoria, Australia, TAS have been supplying the textile printing industry for more than 35 years and in that time have built an enviable reputation for the simplicity and legendary reliability of our products.

With products ranging from small, lightning quick single colour label printers up to huge 20 colour machines and the industries largest print areas available, TAS are certain that we will have the right product for your requirements.

Welcome to our website and we look forward to being of service to you both now and in the future...


TAS commenced in 1968 as an engineering design and development consultancy service, engaged in tooling and special purpose machine design, and moved into manufacture of screen-printing machinery in 1974.

From that time, TAS has been recognized as the industrys major innovator in screen-printing equipment solutions, and significant milestones include:

1975 - Introduction of a 4 colour manual rotary carousel machine, the major innovations of which were not incorporated by other competitors until...
20 years later.

1977-81 - TAS developed special purpose machines that enabled screen printing
on-tapered containers, styrene boxes, metal tubes, light fittings, and spun metal products. This was unheard of at the time.

1982-84 - TAS developed the first pallet lifting carousel machine, which today is used by all US manufactured automatic carousel machines. This concept revolutionised the industry by offering smart cost effective method of construction, allowing high registration, accuracy and repeatability.

1985 - TAS began exporting to the US, and today 60% of TAS Screen Printing Machines go to the US, and the percentage is climbing rapidly. TAS also exports around the globe and has Accredited Resellers and Service Providers in all major countries including Sweden, Germany, South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, and New Zealand.

1986-97 - The innovations during this period are too numerous to list in this brief background, however TAS stunned the industry when in 1997 it became the first manufacturer to provide a 4 year guarantee. (and today, it is still the only manufacturer to do so. Our guarantee is more than double that of any other manufacturer)

1998-99 - TAS introduced the industrys first 16 colour automatic screen printing machine with smart electric heads featuring digital squeegee speed display for quick set ups.

2000-01 - TAS releases the industrys first automatic screen printing machine that successfully prints on transfers, as well as garments.

The PAL (Placement Attachment Loader) was introduced to make loading of Tee Shirts onto the pallets less stressful.
The ROC range of 6, 8, 10 colour presses were launched as an introduction machine for screen printers who are currently using manual presses.

2002 - TAS introduced to the market its first fully electric machine, named
The Electra Range offering a 55cm x 76cm (22 x 30) print size; with electric motor rotation coupled with electric print heads.

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Kids Awards Screen Printing on Metal

by DallaR

The New Yudu machine made by Provo Crafts is a home silk screening machine and it prints on metal, as well as fabric, glass, wood and paper. You may not want to put that much into something to print on metal the TV version is about 327.00 or 357.00 I cannot remember right off, but maybe you can find someone in your area who has one that would be willing to do them for you. But if you had one think of all the other things you can do with it for kids.
My acct is too new to post a link so you can email me for the link to the website for Yudu or you can go to your home search engine and just time in Yudu you will find it

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So, for example, by partnering with Alpha we are able to help them offer high-speed digital printing along with a complete range of efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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Popular Q&A

I like to get machine can print on fabric what are the options?

I like to print on fabric -little roses...etc. What machine I should be looking for? Thank you Katerina

I don't know how you would do large amounts, but if you are planning to do it on fabric 8 X 11 inches or smaller, you can do it on your home computer.

Just get white Egyptian cotton or white muslin that is very smooth. Tear of a pirce of freezer paper 11 inches or shorter, and iron it to the fabric. Then tape this to a piece of card stock by running a line of cellophane tape across the top, but not the sides or bottom. trim the fabric and freezer paper so that it is a little smaller than the card stock. Set your printer for the thickest paper possible. I use the "felt textured gree…

What kind of machine do i use to print onto clothing or fabric like on Etsy?

I want to know what everyone uses on Etsy to make their clothing look like this just an example( I want to make my own clothing with my own logos on it.But how do they make it look this clean? It lierally looks like they took the picture off google and used a printer on fabric. I know that's wrong though. But most people on Etsy do this. Any help for an aspiring artist? Thanks in advance love. :)

thats the pattern already printed on the fabric they bought at the fabric store

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