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Printing machines for fabric

By Andrew Lewis
Sometimes I have a great idea for a textile project, but I get put off by the thought of trawling through the seemingly endless bolts of fabric at the store. Then I think about the hassle of haggling over the price and ending up with three times as much fabric as I actually needed.
I decided to try printing my own fabric on an inkjet printer, and the results really exceeded my expectations. The advantages to this technique are tremendous, and I don’t have to haggle over prices any more.
I get my own designs, in the quantity I need, at a fraction of the price I would normally pay. The only drawback is that people keep asking me to print something special for them, too!

About Ink
Printing your own fabric is not as difficult as it sounds, and you don’t need any special equipment to get started. The only secret to a successful print is to make sure that you have the right type of ink. Cheap printer cartridges and refills often use a dye-based ink that colors unpredictably on fabric, and may even wash out completely in water.
More expensive printer cartridges use pigment ink.Fabric Printing Step1 Pigment ink is colorfast on many different surfaces, and is much more useful for printing on fabric.
Unfortunately, finding out if you have pigment ink or dye is not always straightforward. Your printer manual is a good place to start, and a physical examination of the ink should settle the matter beyond doubt. When the printer cartridges need changing, remove the yellow ink and place some on a piece of glass. Yellow pigment ink will be vibrant but opaque, while yellow dye will be transparent and almost brown in color.
Disclaimer: Not all printers can print on fabric, and putting fabric through your printer could damage it permanently. This is an experimental technique, and you should only try it if you understand that it involves an element of risk.

Fabric Printing Step2 Fabric Printing Step4 Fabric Printing Step5 Fabric Printing End
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Kids Awards Screen Printing on Metal

by DallaR

The New Yudu machine made by Provo Crafts is a home silk screening machine and it prints on metal, as well as fabric, glass, wood and paper. You may not want to put that much into something to print on metal the TV version is about 327.00 or 357.00 I cannot remember right off, but maybe you can find someone in your area who has one that would be willing to do them for you. But if you had one think of all the other things you can do with it for kids.
My acct is too new to post a link so you can email me for the link to the website for Yudu or you can go to your home search engine and just time in Yudu you will find it

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Popular Q&A

What kind of machine do i use to print onto clothing or fabric like on Etsy?

I want to know what everyone uses on Etsy to make their clothing look like this just an example( I want to make my own clothing with my own logos on it.But how do they make it look this clean? It lierally looks like they took the picture off google and used a printer on fabric. I know that's wrong though. But most people on Etsy do this. Any help for an aspiring artist? Thanks in advance love. :)

thats the pattern already printed on the fabric they bought at the fabric store

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