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Photo printing machines in Sri Lanka

Over 1, 100 CKD patients are hospitalised per month in Sri Lanka and 300 deaths recorded per year. The death rate, however, is actually higher than this because many of the victims die at home.

Despite the increasing spread of CKD, its root cause has still not been definitely established. Some researchers argue that it is caused by water polluted with “unique hydro chemicals.” Many small farmers use large quantities of low-quality fertiliser and toxic agro-chemicals to boost their harvests and compete against larger producers.

WHO believes that the cause is multi-factorial. According to Dr. Shantha Mendis, WHO’s senior coordinator on chronic disease prevention and management, the factors include poor diet, chronic exposure to cadmium or kidney-damaging pesticides, arsenic and lead, genetic susceptibility to kidney failure and the use of ayurvedic or indigenous herbal remedies containing the Sapsanda plant.

The failure over the past two decades to identify the source of the CKD epidemic is an indictment of successive Sri Lankan governments and the private profit system. Hundreds of lives could have been saved utilising new developments in medical science.

WHO has recommended several measures to control the disease and provide some relief for its victims. These include regulating fertilisers and agro-chemicals and the provision of safe drinking water to the CKD-affected areas, better health facilities and financial support for the victims. Mendis has called for immediate “multi-sectoral measures” to reduce people’s, especially children’s, exposure to suspected toxins as a “top priority.”

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If you or a friend knows photoshop

by photofiend

You could totally do that yourself. It looks like they are just printed on photo paper. You could make the design yourself and print it at the instant machines in most any drugstore. I saw someone do baby announcements that way, very cute. They are about 29 cents each. Or you could use or one of them for printing. I don't have an account so I don't know how they compare, but they have some photo cards too.
I think I could even do a design for you, like the ones you showed.

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Popular Q&A

What is the size of sri lanka passport photo?

colour photos 4.5x3.5 cm (without white border)

What is the size of sri lanka stamp size photo?

Generally it is 3.5cm x 2.5cm

How to use asda photo printing machine?

Well, why not walk into your local Asda and ask a staff member, "How do you use the photo printing machine, please?"

You never know, they might even tell you...

Please comment about my photo set of ancient ruins of Sri Lanka?

this photo set was taken at Anuradapura & Polonaruwa, which were the 2 most ancient kingdoms in Sri Lanka. hope u will enjoy the beauty of Sri Lanka and also comment about the photoes..


This is a really great set of photography! It has a great mix of architectural ruins, natural wildlife, and personal portraits.

I especially like the screaming monkey and some of the silhouetted figures. It is clear you have an idea and emotion in mind before you snap the image. So often people just shoot things that 'look cool' with no real idea in mind.

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