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Craft garment screen printing machine

Seeking custom screen printing services in Traverse City, MI? Look no further than Field Crafts, your trusted local experts who offer over 30+ years of experience serving the northern Michigan area.

There’s a reason why so many people and businesses in Traverse City, Michigan choose Field Crafts for their custom screen printing needs. For over 36 years, Field Crafts has been screen printing (formerly called silk screening) and producing regional and national designs for shirts. Beyond Traverse City and Northern Michigan, Field Crafts has served countless customers all over the U.S. From screen printing services for custom t-shirts to various other promotional products like hats, totes, and USB drives. The creative capability at Field Crafts is deep with experience in design, technology, printing and products. Make your Apparel Awesome!

Custom Screen Printing Traverse City, Michigan

The Growing Demand for Screen Printing in Northern Michigan

Tourism in Northwest Michigan has grown exponentially in the past thirty years and with it the demand for screen printed apparel. Field Crafts has serviced this market since 1977 with custom screen printing and embroidery services for all types of customers.

In addition to the custom printing in the 80′s, we worked with Michigan artists Glenn Wolff, Terri Haugen, Roland Roycrafts, Cyndy Callog and others to develop a catalog of up-north designs. These were sold throughout Northern Michigan and found demand downstate also. It was so successful that it expanded into national sales and a network of 60 independent sales representatives by 1992. We were producing 250, 000 shirts per year and selling regionally and nationally. The artistic designs and custom screen printing complemented each other because the demand pushed our staff and equipment to new levels. Our custom printing services expanded to a national market along with the “name-drop” artistic apparel.

At Field Crafts, we were recognized as the major apparel decorator in Traverse City and Northwest Michigan. In 1986, we introduced embroidery with the purchase of leading-technology computerized embroidery. We repeated that by installing the first automatic shirt printing press to the area in 1991 with an 8-color 10 station TAS press. It was the apex of print engineering at the time and still has advantages over the current line of printing machines. We added a second automatic printer in 2004 as well as newer manual printers that are top of the line.

Why Field Crafts for Screen Printing in Traverse City, MI

Field Crafts has very experienced staff printers, artists and office personnel. Six people have 10 to 20 years experience, one has 29 years, another has 36 years, and four others with 4 to 10 years. It’s a great team to get your shirt job done. Experience counts, as does customer service.

In 2000, Field Crafts developed and patented BookWear®, a printed shirt that’s compressed in a mold into a “brick” of cotton. Then its put into what looks like a book cover. We now work with 650 colleges/universities and hundreds of hospitals, nonprofits and corporations. This is all custom work, screen printed and embroidered garments that are in “book” form. We tell people’s story and do it so well that it works for recruiting, fundraising, marketing and public relations communications.

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Blick Garment Screen Printing Machine - 12" x 15", 1-Color
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