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Falcon M Servo/Electric

Falcon screen printing machines

Find the Right Equipment Package For You. Click on one of the links below to go to your equipment package. If one of the following packages doesn't suit your needs call us at 800-621-4173 and we will design one for you.


for screen printers working with a smaller budget and limited space requirements.

for the smaller manual screen printing shop printing for local schools, churches and small businesses.

provides a higher production manual screen printing shop. The increased dryer capacity will allow you to meet the demands of mid-sized clients. The increased color capacity will increase your range of clients by allowing you to do more complex designs.

these packages are geared towards the high-end manual shop requirements. Your ability to produce high end materials can only be rivaled by automatic printers with similar color capabilities. Your dryer capacity can keep up with an automatic when you choose to upgrade down the line later.

- these packages are for screen printers who are interested in making the jump into automation. Leasing for Automatics

- these packages are for screen printers who are automating and need greater versatility and production capabilities.

Custom Packages these are designed to fit your need if you can't find the one your looking for above we will customize one for your needs. just email us or call us at

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Xerox Emirates' Partners with Alpha Printing Press to Deliver  — Zawya
So, for example, by partnering with Alpha we are able to help them offer high-speed digital printing along with a complete range of efficient and cost-effective solutions.

DST unveils £4.9m spend after return to profitability  — printweek.com
The Nottingham machine will focus on the production of direct mail while the new Bristol machine, which features auto-splicing for faster web changeovers, will focus on transactional mail and will output fan-folded print directly into an enclosing line ..

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