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Construction Type Molded plastic. T6 grade aluminum w/ MDF wood platen. Which is stronger? Portability Portable, Sits on any table Very Portable, Clamps to most tables or benches. Both viable. Screen Image Size Roughly 8" x14" Hobby Kit 12x14", Hobby Kit Plus 13x16" Screen Tension Very low tension, with our tension meter it actually does not read, so in reality. 0 Newtons 18-20 Newtons on average, at tight screen allows for easier printing, more consistent prints, more complex images, and more versatile inks. Exposure Unit Timed Fluorescent Tubes w/ some compression. Mounted overhead 500 watt light. Fluorescent tubes are a little better than a 500 watt light. Supply Kit 1 Screen
1 Plastic Squeegee
5 Ink Colors (only 2 ounces each)
Standard Shirt Platen
Emulsion Remover (2 ounces)
3 Transparency Sheets
3 Emulsion Sheets
How To DVD and Guide
Exclusive Image CD (Hobby Kit Plus List)
• 1 18x20" 156 mesh pro wood screen
• 8 ounces of white water based ink
• 8 ounces of black water based ink
• 8 ounces of red water based ink
• 8 ounces of blue water based ink
Note: 8 ounces prints about 50 shirts
• 1 12" Ink Professional Squeegee
• 10 Sheets of Positive Film 8.5x11"
• Screen Degreaser ( makes 16 ounces)
• 1 Quart of Water Resistant Emulsion - Coats about 30 screens
• Emulsion remover (makes 16 ounces)
• 4 ounces of print board adhesive to hold garments in place (will last for several hundred prints)
• 4 sheets of parchment paper
Limited Time Additional Bonus items for your convenience: $90 Value
• 14" scoop coater to make emulsion application easy
• 4 ounces of block out used for pinholes (should last for 100s screens)
• 500 Watt Exposure Light
• 10 Ultimate Ink Cards - these make ink application and clean up a lot easier!
• 4 Mini Scrub Pads for applying chemicals
• 10 rubber gloves
• Detailed instructional DVD From the looks of it, the screen printing hobby kit series has a lot more to offer than the other. Also the supplies included with the screen printing hobby kit are the same types of supplies used by professional screen printers all over the country. So you know you are not getting a lot of supplies but you are getting the RIGHT supplies and supplies that you can use to produce a quality product.

If I only had 3 emulsion sheets and transparency sheets to play with when I started screen printing I probably would have given up because I would not have experienced the true fun in it!

With the products included in the screen printing hobby kit, you can do more, make more money, and have more success!

Ink Type Water Based Permaset...
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by laser_guy

I had thought that the ink might eat up the wiper blades, but since that is the only thing that I had on hand that could give me a clean streak free wipe that is what I went with, I may break down and actually order some real doctor blades. I will have to look into the screen printing blades, they might work.
I am planning to make my own plates using etched glass for the plates (I own a glass etching business)since glass is extremely flat and polished so it should make good plates, and it is cheap, at least for me.
I really don't have any plans for what I am going to use it for once I have it built but I am own several lasers and plan to make wood model kits and toys and feel that I could make many more things if I could offer them as finished toys rather than unfinished which is why I started looking into screen and pad printing

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What is a Yudu screen print machine?

The Yudu screen-printing system let's you to print your own designs on clothing, art prints, posters, cards or any flat surface.

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