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Yudu screen printing machine Canada

The Yudu™ personal screen-printing system is perhaps the most exciting development in screen printing in some time! Like a screen printing shop in one machine - the easiest, cleanest way to let everyone know who you are—and how you see the world. Don't settle for what everyone else is wearing or spend hours futilely trying to find a t-shirt that expresses the real you. With access to a computer and an ink-jet printer, you'll be able to create and print your own designs not only for t-shirts or other apparel, but also for home decor, art prints, posters, cards, schoolwork, and much more! With this revolutionary personal screen printer, you can let your voice be heard today, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

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After Market Yudu Screens and Compatible Yudu Supplies
Yudu screen printing tips, how to use yudu, expand the
Yudu screen printing tips, how to use yudu, expand the ...

In other words

by idraw

Divide each pixel dimension by the DPI as hglucky demonstrated.
High quality printing needs 300 DPI. You probably won't actually need that high a screen number.
Most desktops will print fine with 220 - 250 DPI.
Some very large format printers will print with as little as 38 DPI.
If you are printing at a service bureau ask them what DPI tolerances their machine can handle. A lot of people just say 300 but press them and ask what you can get away with.
For a desktop printer contact the customer service department of your printer brand and ask them the preferred dpi range for your model.
If you are using Kinkos, pray.

Provo Craft & Novelty Yudu Personal Screen Printer
Art and Craft Supply (Provo Craft & Novelty)
  • Personal silk-screening system for apparel, home décor, and more; ideal for use on cotton and poly-cotton blends
  • Includes printing machine, mesh screen, emulsion sheet, squeegee, adult t-shirt platen, platen adhesive sheet, blank ink-jet transparency, and 2-ounce bottle of...
  • Easy-to-use control panel operates printer s light, exposure, and fan operations; requires access to computer and ink-jet printer
  • With instructional DVD and user manual included; unplug printer before wiping clean with damp rag, or when not in use
  • Measures 32 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 11 inches high; limited manufacturer warranty

Xerox Emirates' Partners with Alpha Printing Press to Deliver  — Zawya
So, for example, by partnering with Alpha we are able to help them offer high-speed digital printing along with a complete range of efficient and cost-effective solutions.

DST unveils £4.9m spend after return to profitability  — printweek.com
The Nottingham machine will focus on the production of direct mail while the new Bristol machine, which features auto-splicing for faster web changeovers, will focus on transactional mail and will output fan-folded print directly into an enclosing line ..

Popular Q&A

What is the actually printing size of the YUDU screen printing machine?

I heard about the YUDU today and I am thinking about getting one. I'm just wondering, what is the size of an image that one could make with this machine?

I know that it says that a person can print an image on a transparency from their computer printer, but is 8.5 inches by 11 inches the maximum size that I can create with this machine?

I know that that size is ideal for some shirts, but I actually want to use this machine to make stencils for artwork that I can put on art canvases and art paper for framing, and I need something larger than 8.5 in X 11 in.

From looking at the machine in my local craft store, and wondering the same thing, it does appear that standard computer paper size screens in the largest that it can make, larger designs need to be lined like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. I think the system, the inks, the accessories and everything are all quite expensive, nearly twice as much as traditional screens and inks at the art supply store. I suppose if you don't mind linking smaller components together to make a large design and you have the money it's good for a hobbyist, in my own mind I can't quite justify the money for an ex…

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