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Shirts printing Machine in Pakistan

Digital printing is a method where printing is done using a digital image through a range of media. It is widely used in textile printing. It is considered as one of the finest developments in the industry. Digital printing gives wide scope to customize and experiment. Using digital prints on cloth or canvas is one of the latest trends.

We at JV printing use 5/8/10/12 color printing process depending upon the requirement. Any type of art work, photograph and design can be printed on fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, nylon and rayon. They can be used as wall hangings, scarves, window banners and high end apparel.

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T shirt printing machine ..MOV
T shirt printing machine ..MOV
Tirupur - T shirt printing Machine - bv machines ,India
Tirupur - T shirt printing Machine - bv machines ,India

The glimmer still shines

by d-Artist

ArT to me, includes thinking ahead and recognizing opportunities.
Mail fraud laws are strong and time tested, a perfect vehicle to piggyback on for retaining artists' rights to profit from our own creativity.
To help you follow the thought pattern here, think this through
1 - dude has a t-shirt company and instead of paying for art to screen on his t-shirts, dude cruises the web and picks up images (steals them) from artists' art marketing websites.
2 - dude does slick photo manipulation and up-pixelates the stolen images and screens them onto his t-shirts
3 - dude sell the t-shirts on the web and then distributes them through THE MAIL
4 - dude gets tried for mail fraud and goes to prison for 20 years
Repeat the above for people who take pics off artist's websites and prints the pics on canvas and gives it a layer of paint (machines can do this now) and sells the stolen ima…

Xerox Emirates' Partners with Alpha Printing Press to Deliver  — Zawya
So, for example, by partnering with Alpha we are able to help them offer high-speed digital printing along with a complete range of efficient and cost-effective solutions.

DST unveils ยฃ4.9m spend after return to profitability  —
The Nottingham machine will focus on the production of direct mail while the new Bristol machine, which features auto-splicing for faster web changeovers, will focus on transactional mail and will output fan-folded print directly into an enclosing line ..

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How much is a shirt printing machine?

and where might I be able to purchase one?

It really depends on what your looking for, if it's a manual or an Auto. Check out they have always been really helpful when I've had questions.

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