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T shirt Hot Press printing Machine

Hotronix Auto ClamHow To Choose the Right Heat Press

If you’re starting a business printing transfers onto T-shirts, your heat press will be central to your success. Your choice of heat press should be based on a variety of factors, such as style, features, and performance.


There are three main types of heat presses: clamshell, swinger, and draw.

Clamshell presses have a hinge between the upper and lower platens and open similar to a clamshell. The heated upper platen then closes down on the lower platen to provide the necessary pressure. While easy to use, the clamshell press does require that layout work be done directly under the heat source and may not be as well suited as other models when printing onto thicker garments, such as hooded sweatshirts.

Swinger, or swing-away, presses swing the upper platen away from the lower. This allows the user free access to the lower platen without having to reach under the heated upper platen, making garment arrangement and layout easier. Because the upper platen swings away, this type of press takes up more space than a clamshell.

Draw presses have a lower platen that pulls out toward the user. Layout can be done without the user reaching under the upper platen, but more workspace is required.Hotronix Air Swinger This type of heat press machine involves a moveable work surface, requiring greater care to be taken to avoid designs shifting out of place before application.


Perhaps the most indispensable feature any heat press machine should have is temperature consistency across the upper platen. Cold spots in the upper platen can lead to substandard or ruined garments, so even temperature is key in producing the quality products you (and your customers) want.

Other features to look for in a heat transfer press are interchangeable platens and digital temperature and pressure readouts. Digital gauges ensure that accurate pressure and temperature are used during application, while interchangeable platens make application to different items much easier and more consistent.

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The glimmer still shines

by d-Artist

ArT to me, includes thinking ahead and recognizing opportunities.
Mail fraud laws are strong and time tested, a perfect vehicle to piggyback on for retaining artists' rights to profit from our own creativity.
To help you follow the thought pattern here, think this through
1 - dude has a t-shirt company and instead of paying for art to screen on his t-shirts, dude cruises the web and picks up images (steals them) from artists' art marketing websites.
2 - dude does slick photo manipulation and up-pixelates the stolen images and screens them onto his t-shirts
3 - dude sell the t-shirts on the web and then distributes them through THE MAIL
4 - dude gets tried for mail fraud and goes to prison for 20 years
Repeat the above for people who take pics off artist's websites and prints the pics on canvas and gives it a layer of paint (machines can do this now) and sells the stolen ima…

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So, for example, by partnering with Alpha we are able to help them offer high-speed digital printing along with a complete range of efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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