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Automatic screen printing machine for Textile

Quartz Shuttle FlashA Modular, Flex-Head Automatic with Same Station Print-and-Flash Capability. Automatic textile and t-shirt screen printing is now faster and easier than ever before. Say Hello to increased profits, greater consistency, faster production, automated screen printing, simplicity and peace of mind.

Compete with large shops with automatic screen presses without the big initial expense, space, complexity and overhead.Fully automated print heads combined with an integrated speed carousel ensures pinpoint registration, enhanced speed and minimizes your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. No special training required on the Lawson Automatic or expensive installation costs. The automatic Trooper is affordable, simple, safe and requires little maintenance. It is practical automation and affordable technology combined. Basic, XL and PC Models available in all sizes and configurations

  • Modular Design
  • Flex-Print Heads
  • Print Stroke: 18"
  • Double-Stroke - Head #1
  • Front Micro-Registration
  • Rear Micro (side motion)
  • Auto-Balance Squeegee
  • Manual or Auto Frames
  • Dual-Registeration Bearings
  • Adjustable Print Stroke
  • Individual Head Control
  • Set-Up Mode
  • Adj. Print & Flood Speeds
  • Adj. Print & Flood Angles
  • Off-Contact Adjustments
  • Adjustable Height Platens
  • Platen Size:16" x 18"
  • Bi-Directional Manual Carousel
  • Screens up to 23" x 31"
  • 11 Foot Diameter
  • 2 Yr Limited Warranty
  • 120v Plug-In Wiring
  • Air Required (not supplied)

Squeegee Speed ControlsDiameters:

8-Station = 11 feet
10-Station = 12 feet
12-Station = 13.5 feet
  • Standard/Basic Configuration: The operator rotates the easy-to-spin-carousel manually, and then presses the foot pedal. The carousel lifts into register and the print heads automatically print. The optional Shuttle Flash is operated by a seperate foot pedal.
  • XL Option Package: The XL Option Package includes: Automatic Carousel Indexing - Foot Pedal Start, Shuttle Flash Integration, Integrated Shuttle Flash Ports (2) and PLC diagnostic
  • Modular Press Print HeadsPC Option Package: The PC Option Package includes: everything the XL has PLUS Aluminum Platens, Double Print controls for each individual print head, load-in/load/out feature, dwell cycle timer, a variety of special flashing programs, and a Touch Screen Control Center.
  • Standard/Basic Configuration
  • XL Option Package
  • PC/Deluxe Option Package
  • Additional Print Head(s)
  • Multiple Head Double Stroke
  • Air Compressor
  • QZE Quarts Shuttle Flash Unit
  • I.R. Hot-Shot Shuttle Flash
  • Modular Head Pre-Wire
  • Rubber Platen Pads
  • Additional Dual-Action Squeegees
  • Frame Air-Clamps
  • Youth Platens
  • Sleeve Platens
  • Jacket Hold Down
  • Speed Platen System
  • Export ElectricsSite Training
  • Optional Equalizer Print Head
Hot Shot IR Shuttle Flash Front & Rear Screen Clamps Automatic Press Sgueegee Screen Printing Frame Clamps
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Here in CA it is saturated.

by CantComplain

My friend bought a simple screen printing machine some time ago and has not made back his investment.
The problem is, actual screen printing shops have the more sophisticated presses and can work in volume better than a little guy, so even if you get a few small sample orders once they go to full production they probably will not need your services.
Plus the most savvy shirt makers source their screen printers on the internet, and I'm not just talking about Cafe Press--when my bro needed cool promo t-shirts he found a printer that could do gold metallic and used American Apparel t's in really cool cuts that were super popular among his indie fans

Xerox Emirates' Partners with Alpha Printing Press to Deliver  — Zawya
So, for example, by partnering with Alpha we are able to help them offer high-speed digital printing along with a complete range of efficient and cost-effective solutions.

DST unveils ยฃ4.9m spend after return to profitability  —
The Nottingham machine will focus on the production of direct mail while the new Bristol machine, which features auto-splicing for faster web changeovers, will focus on transactional mail and will output fan-folded print directly into an enclosing line ..

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How much does a shirt print press cost?

I found one for only $519.It's great for printing shirts! Thank you for using ChaCha! ChaCha again?

How is the printing press and the copy machine alike?

roiund trteder

How to print t-shirts at home using a heat press machine?

ok, so i'm looking into making my own t-shirts from home, using a heat press machine. i've been doing some research online but getting kind of confused, so would rather hear from someone who has actually done this and can explain, this is what i think i know so far. you use an inkjet printer, with a4 sheets of inkjet transfer paper, you then print out an image you want, making sure to mirror the image, you then cut out the outlines to just leave the image only, place that face down on the t-shirt which is laid on the heat press, you then have to cover it with something? i'm not sure wha…

Your instructions are close for using inkjet iron-on t-shirt transfer paper for light colored fabrics. When you peel it hot, it will leave a satin finsh. On some you can peel it cold for a glossy finish! One of the best resources is They have an amazing staff and have always answered any question I have.

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