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Textile Rotary printing machine Manufacturers

We are a preeminent organization that is engaged in manufacturing,supplying and exporting Rotary Screen Printing Machine. These machines are gaining loads of customers worldwide for their corrosion resistance,reliable operations,easy to monitor feature and durability. Tough in construction,these machines are manufactured under the supervision of skilled professionals. Valued patrons can avail Rotary Screen Printing Machine from us at economical pricing along with door-step delivery within stipulated time.

Most important Features:

  • It consists of floating bearing system.
  • Screen handling is very easy.
  • Space saving design.
  • Easy screen running due to 1:1 gear ratio.
  • Any repeat possible between 500 to 1018 mm.
  • Step less width variation between maximum & minimum printing width.
  • Magnet roller squeegee guarantees absolute even color application over the whole of the involved printing surface
  • Floating bearing system,light running screen head bearings with micro gearing device enables a single sided screen drive up to 3250 mm. printing width.
  • Printer can choose conventional magnetic roller squeegee,suitable for most applications
Printing Width 1250,1550,1850,2550,2850,3250,& 4000 mm
Printing Repeat 640,820,914,1018
Printing Speed 4 to 8 mtrs. / min.
No. of Colours 8,12 & 16.
Suitability of Cloth Cotton,Viscos,Polyester,Knitted,Synthetics,Chiffon etc.
Drive of the Machine AC Variable Drive
Nature of Current 380V / 415V U + 5%
Connected Load 70 / 115 Kw.
Water Consumption Textile Rotary Screen Printing Machine
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