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Used Textile printing machines

When it comes to textile printing, it can be defined as the process by which color is applied on fabrics in different designs and patterns. The fabrics which are printed have the color bonded to the fiber in such a way that it will resist friction or washing. Textile printing is akin to dyeing, but there are differences. If the whole fabric is covered with one color it is considered as dyeing while in textile printing, one or more colors are used in certain arts or in defining patterns or designs.

Textile Printing Devices

When we talk of textile printing machines, a lot of changes have come about in such technology. Before the following printing devices were used:

  • Wooden blocks
  • Engraved plates
  • Stencils
  • Silk screens
  • Rollers

These were used to place the colors on the fabric. Such primeval and manual technology is still used in many places. There are colorants that are used in printing. Here the dye is thick in order to prevent the color from spreading by capillary attraction beyond the pattern or design borders.

Traditional Textile Printing Technologies

The traditional textile printing techniques and technology can be classified into four main styles:

  • You could use direct printing where the colorants consisting of dyes, thickeners and other substances necessary to fix the color are printed on the cloth as per a desired pattern or format.
  • Printing machines which use a mordant to print the desired pattern on a dyeing cloth.
  • Resist dyeing is a process by which wax or other substances are printed on the fabric which is then dyed subsequently. The waxed areas do not take on the dye and uncolored patterns are left.
  • Discharge printing is done by a bleaching agent which is printed on previously dyed fabric to remove some or all of the previous color.

Digital Era

Today the world of is undergoing a lot of changes. The printing machines and technology used has changed in leaps and bounds. Digital printing technology has come on to meet the demands of innovative design that are done on dress material and saris for the domestic as well as the international market. The man-made fiber industry has progressed much from hand block and screen printing to the modern printing machines used today in the textile industry.

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